All you need to know about using different types of butt plugs

Anal inflatable plugs are used before sex to prepare muscles and stimulate erogenous zones in the anus. They are also used by hot women bored with urethral plays. It may have a spike shape with a smooth tip, a retainer and a pump on the other hand, or be seemingly elongated, oval with additional relief or without it. It does not go to a completely deflated position and has basic characteristics, which should be selected on the basis of experience in savory caresses.

How long can you keep a butt plug in? It depends on the butt plug material and anal extenders. Anal extender allows you to prepare for the first experience of this type of sex, as well as move to a higher “level”. The advantage of such a device in its ability to control the expansion process, in addition, the butt plug extender, due to the impact on sensitive areas, can be a great pleasure, especially if it comes with vibrating effect.

In the manufacture of sex toys, manufacturers devote a lot of time to study the consumer market; in particular, they study the wishes, recommendations and requirements of future buyers. A good accessory must be of high quality and possess useful properties, as well as something unique and attractive. The main goal of sex products is to provide extra pleasure, which is quite difficult to achieve without the help of available tools.

Butt Plugs Inflatables

Spicy stimulation often requires the use of such accessories, because it requires some skill and a preparatory stage. Among the large number of such devices, a special place is occupied by inflatable anal dilators. This toy is recommended to use for beginners who are just beginning to learn the joy of such stimulation or want to try something new. The advantage of such a toy over the usual one is the possibility of regulating the diameter of the accessory. Thus, the newcomer will be able to pick up an acceptable size of the toy for his “dimensions”, due to which he will have a pleasant stimulation. Selection of the optimal size of the product eliminates the pain, but it is better to introduce it with the help of silicone lubricant, so that the process is pleasant and soft.

Practical pears

Anal pears are suitable not only for beginners, but also people who already practice spicy sex. Due to the special device, the cork can swell to the required size. So, starting from a small size, you gradually move to a new level, studying your body and sensations. Having bought an inflatable pear at the beginning of the practice of spicy stimulation, you will not have to buy a toy more in the future, starting from your desire to experiment. Thus, you will not only save, but also get a quality product for long-term use.

Buy anal dilators

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