Male Chastity Lifestyle

Male chastity is an integral part of dominatrix-subordination sex life. When a man goes into chastity period he cannot enjoy orgasm or masturbating at his own will. His penis stays locked inside a cage (read chastity device) and the key rests with the dominatrix partner only. The submissive partner can only open the cage or enjoy orgasm when his partner wants him to. While some men may cringe at the thought of being caged all the time- many others crave for it. The chastity period gives them the feeling of being owned or being controlled by a powerful half. And that very feeling gives them a stronger arousal. There are other uses too, one of which is chastity cage for threesome-addicted guys, or for porn addicts.

Are you too contemplating to take up male chastity for a while? Well, that would certainly elate your mistress or the other partner. But you should always make sure that the entire decision has been taken on a mutual ground. The post below offers a brief on living the male chastity lifestyle.

Get started with leather chastity device

When you are starting out, don’t get too hard on yourself. You need to get accustomed with the process gradually. Most importantly, it takes time to make peace with the idea that you can’t have orgasm at your own will. Thus, experts suggest not to block any scope of self-stimulation right from Day 1. And this is where leather chastity devices are just the thing that you will need. These gadgets adjust themselves around the balls with a cowhide strap and do not encase the genital area completely. Thus, you will still have room to touch & stimulate yourself– along with the mild reminder that you are now owned by someone.

Once you get adjust to the thought of being locked, you can gradually shift to tighter and firmer enclosures made from silicone or metal or polycarbonate.

The psychological side

The denial of orgasm through locked chastity device bears strong connection with psychological changes in the chaste men. When a man is content being controlled regarding his sex life, he will reflect a similar attitude in regards to other aspects of his life as well. Put simply, the man will look up to his dominatrix mistress before doing anything and will obey all her orders. This way, the dominatrix female may give directives and make him do different chores. For example, if you are a dominatrix female and your partner is under chaste period, he will do all the kitchen chores if you order- which he won’t do otherwise.

In other words, when a man adopts a chaste lifestyle, he is always at the service of his dominating mistress. He will pamper her as his princess & will be forever attentive to her. The mistress will have to give him directives and constantly remind him that he under the domination of someone. If the man truly enjoys BDSM, he will be overwhelmed with joy to receive such directives.

Safety Dos & Don’ts of male chastity lifestyle

As male chastity involves male genital organs, one has to be extremely careful about practicing a safe chastity lifestyle. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to remember when one is planning to get into a chaste period.

The Dos

  • If the man experiences any sort of discomfort or pain while wearing the chastity device for long, he must immediately ask his dominatrix to remove it. It could be that the device is too tight for him.
  • The man must sit down while peeing as otherwise it’s going to be a nasty messy affair.
  • Check out rings of varied sizes to identify the ideal fit.
  • The couple should be very clear about the exact timespan of the chaste period.

The Don’ts

  • Do not ever exceed the timespan of the chaste period.
  • Do not forget to open the device at least once in a week