The Dream Project:

Hello boys and ladies, our main project is to be able to provide a 1 stop shop to everything male chastity, from reviewing the latest male chastity devices, to being able to bring you the latest devices at the best price possible to all deserving males world wide & to provide professional key holding to slaves, subs, cuckolds and sissys to their masters and mistresses & to host a safe and friendly free online community to its members.

The Vision:

Our Vision is to have all inferior males locked up securely for either our or their mistresses & masters amusement. if its not up to the job, then LOCK IT UP!!!


Locking up boys became famous last March 2014, and we have not looked back since. What we found though was there was not enough online stores only specializing in male chastity only, instead, shops which had a limited selection, or was excessively over priced, or we had to wait a long time for delivery.

Through this project, we aim to have:

  • Have a professional, easy to use website, online community and online store built.
  • A way which allows us to buy in stock much cheaper.
  • Advertising to allow to compete with those big nasty corporations
  • To setup a reward scheme which rewards returning customers